When life gets in the way

There are a lot of things that happen in our lives that make us want to quit. Small, minor things, like: I lost my favorite lip stick, or my boyfriend broke up with me, or I got picked last for the soccer team. When those things happen to us, we really feel like it is the end of the world and there’s no point in even going on. Some people take those thoughts and act upon them. And because of one act, it can lead to more and more feelings of hopelessness. One life ending, can lead to more and more lives ending. That person has come to a point were life seems to have gotten in the way. The truest way to see your strength is to see how you bounce back when that little thing called life gets in the way. Whether it be the small things or some really big things, you have to be able to pick yourself back up. And you don’t have to do it alone. Everyone’s life can be hard at times, it is something a lot of people are able to bond over. Sometimes the hardest thing is to admit when you need help, but once you do that, everything seems to start falling into place.


Finding your someone

Finding the person you are meant to be with sounds like the most spectacular thing in the world, and in truth it probably is. But for a high school student, finding the person you are meant to be with seems like a child’s fairy tail that your parents tell you before bed to help you get to sleep. Absolutely ridiculous!

Although most people know that finding that special someone is something that probably wont happen until college or after, almost every high school girl has a point in their four years when that is all they can think about. Either they have a boyfriend and are planning their whole entire future, or they don’t have a boyfriend and they wonder what’s wrong with them. I’m sure some of the high school couples really are meant to be, but most of them… Come on are you for real. And the poor girls just want to feel like they’re wanted.

It’s amazing how society can make a person feel. Why are we so obsessed with finding that person? Why can’t we just enjoy our high school years being single? We will have our whole life to find Mr. Right. I’ve been there, I have wanted that person I’m meant to be with, but guess what? That person is somewhere out there and right now I’m here. Right here is ok with me… for now.

Why I am what I am

I am a singer and I am a dancer, but most of all I am a laugher. I am someone who will laugh at the strangest things just because I can.

I am worker and I am fighter, but most of all I am a trier. I work hard for what have because I know one day I might not have it anymore.

I am me, not because other people tell me to. I am me because I know that’s the only person I can be, and that’s the only person I truly want to be.