Girls Night Out

Sometimes the best thing after a long day is a nice cup of hot chocolate, your favorite book, and a warm blanket. That being said, I have often found that the best thing is not isolation from the world around me, but being able to embrace the world around me. Going out with your best girlfriends could do just that.

It doesn’t have to be a party on the town or anything, just going out for dinner or going to a movie might suffice. You never know what will happen unless you try. There is a possibility that you could start the night feeling sad and lonely because your boyfriend seems to be disconnecting from you, and end the night totally confident in your relationship. If you’re with the right friend, she will know just what to say. And if she doesn’t that’s ok because you will know she is really trying.

Maybe we do need nice calm nights to ourselves, but when you are out with friends you have a chance to vent and get those little things that bother you off your chest. And if you really want, you can come home and have that cup of hot chocolate. The point is that you shouldn’t isolate yourself from the world. It is a big and scary place out there, but when you’re able to feel the security your friends show you it wont seem so bad. It may even seem manageable, even if it is the only manageable thing in your life.


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