Being Recognized

It’s always good to work hard for what you want. Without that work we wouldn’t  be able to reach our goals. But there are times that we might not feel as if all of our hard work is being appreciated. When you’re never recognized, it tends to make all of that hard work seem pointless. It is those few times, even though they may seem far and in between, that help us work as hard as we do. When we get recognized for something it makes us feel as if our hard work just might be worth it.


I am involved in many activities at my high school, and I often think that I may always be the ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’ I don’t know about anyone else, but I like succeeding in things, maybe even enough to be called a ‘master.’ After a while it starts to feel pretty hopeless when I try so hard at everything I do, and never get any recognition. But then, one day last week my dance teacher came up to me and told me she was very proud of what I have accomplished.

Hearing that one statement of praise was enough to make me push harder and harder to be even better than I was before. It just makes me think… we work so hard for praise, which makes us work even harder. This is once cycle I don’t really mind being in. This explains how a semi-hard worker is able to make their way to the top and how someone who doesn’t work at all never gets to the top. That first push of ambition is what starts it all, and from then on, the momentum is that keeps you going.

Even though it may seem like we are not recognized nearly enough, we always seem to appreciate it once we have it. And just because you don’t get recognized for something right away doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, it just means you might have to try a little harder.


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