We would like to believe that we have the capacity to remember every detail of our life, except for the bad ones of course. The sad truth, is that over time those memories begin to fade. What used to be a vivid movie, is now a black and white still frame. Yes, there are memories that we would like to forget entirely, but how do we hold on to the good memories and let go of the bad? How do we wipe out the pain and flourish in the good? Is it possible? Is it healthy?

Unlike The Butterfly Effect, we can’t go back and change the past. We can’t take back things we’ve said or say things we wish we would have. We can wish with all our heart to make those bad times disappear, but they won’t go away. They may be masked, they may seem hidden, but those memories are always there.

Those good memories, the happy ones, are the ones we need to remember. Write about them, take pictures, tell those stories over and over again, even if people get annoyed because they’ve heard the same story a thousand times.

Just like those bad memories, the good ones are bound to hang around for a while. What some people don’t understand is that, when shutting out those painful memories, they lose the happy ones too. The hardest part of every problem, is admitting you have a problem, but once there, progress is possible.

Memories are delicate, and like any delicate item, they have to be handled with care. They’re complex and tricky. They’re frightening and unpredictable. They’re fragile and too easily lost. Memories are a treasure, and like any treasure, they have to be handled with care.


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