Family Feuds

Every family has had their share of fights and miscommunications. Some families just have more of those than others. Family is a very cherished word, and if it’s not, it should be. Your family should be the people that help you when you are facing your toughest battle. In many cases they do help you, just not in the way you may expect.

Fighting is a part of life. It is something we all have to go through, both directly and indirectly. It’s not necessarily something we like but regrettably unavoidable. The small things like: ‘how long your sister is taking in the bathroom in the morning’ to ‘who can I live with without making everyone mad.’ In some way, we all are faced with the sad reality of family feuds.

Everything that happens, happens because of a choice or choices that have been made. The hard part is knowing which choice to make. Should you do what’s best for you, or do what everyone expects you to do? That choice can cause a fragile person to break. It nearly causes a strong person to break. It’s a scary place to be: the person in the middle who has to choose one side or the other. It can either end in harmony or more fighting.

You wouldn’t think that the people who are supposed to love and be there for you would put you into such a hard position, but they do. They may not realize they’re doing it, but they do it none the less. How do you react? What do you choose? Which road do you follow? There is a saying that goes, “Go not where the path leads, but make your own trail,” at a young age that sounds like a great option, but not necessarily a realistic one.

Family feuds are everywhere. You can’t avoid them, and you can’t always end them. You have to adapt to them, find where you want to go with your life, and just go there. Your family should always love you, no matter which ‘road,’ ‘path,’ or ‘trail’ you take. You just have to make the decision to take it.


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