It takes a lot to trust a person. For some people, it takes a little more than others. When you trust someone, it is kind of like giving them a part of your soul, part of your being. The fear that they might lose that can be tremendous. It’s amazing how the phrase, “Trust me,” can be thrown around so easily, when it’s such a hard thing to do.

I’m sure we all know someone who trusts others without a second thought. I’m sure we all have seen them get hurt sometime or another. What makes them trust so easily? How can they risk getting hurt like that? Why would they risk that?

Every person is different. Everyone has their own mindset about certain issues. Having the capability to trust willingly can have varying results. You may have your heart broken, you may lose what you though was a really good friend, you may feel lost, but, you may learn a little about yourself and the person your trusting in the process.  It may make you a stronger person, it may teach you something (or a lot of things)

Trusting someone takes a lot, but it can give a lot back. We can’t guarantee that we wont get hurt but being able to take that risk just might be worth it. “Trust me” you’ll never know until you try:)


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