Finally Becoming Miss B

I started this blog a few months ago. I started it because I wanted to write. I didn’t care what it was or who was listening (well reading) I just wanted to get out there. And for the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about the whys. Why did I start writing? Why am I writing about the topics? Why do I care?

I can officially say that I know the answers, and they were right there in my name. Over the last 17 years and 4 days I’ve been growing, changing, becoming me. I started writing out of growth, the growth to branch out into something I’ve never tried before. I write about the topics I do because they are what I’m thinking about, what’s on my mind. I care because it’s me, a part of me, the part that’s still growing.

I always have to have a plan, a reason for doing something. Maybe now my plan is to not have a set plan. I know why I’m writing, now I just have to go with it and do what I do best with out realizing it. It’s kind of scary, not knowing what my next move is, but I know sure enough it will come to me. At first I was worried about who would read this and who would just skip over it, but now (although I love having readers) that doesn’t seem quite as important to me anymore.

I don’t believe this finding myself thing will ever really come to an end. I will always be growing and changing and becoming me.


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