In search of…….

We all go through stages where we feel as if we are searching for something more in our lives. We search for something to complete us, to make us whole again. For some, that may be finding a great job that they don’t dread going to everyday. For others, it may be finding the best place to live, close to everything they know or somewhere completely new and different so they can make a life of their own. For me, it is going through and finding all the things that are important to me and really prioritizing my life. This is something that makes me feel as if I can truly be whole in the end.

When we are young, we take many things for granted: who pays the bills, how the food got on the table, how there are people in our lives that take care of us when we’re sick. This things often get pushed to the side when we are young and don’t know any better. But as we age and mature, these little things become big things, and we start to realize how much we need them.  

One of the most important topics on my mind during this stage of my life, is family. It doesn’t matter if you are my sister or my third cousin twice removed, you are family to me and in some way you have effected my life. As I am going off to college in the next year, I believe it’s time to start assessing my views and opinions on the people in my life as well as the memories I’ve had with them.

Yes, the people around you are bound to offend you. You’re going to be angry and annoyed and sometimes hurt by them, but you have to decide where your line is and if they’ve crossed it. People change, I don’t think it’s very common, but people can change. You just have to be either willing to accept that change or prepared to let them go.


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