Sometimes we may wonder, “Who am I, really?” we think we have ourselves figured out and then… boom! We fear we are becoming someone else. We feel like we forget who we are along the way. How are we supposed to know who is the real me and who is the me that is just trying to please everyone? Is there is difference between the two? How do we know which is which?

We all wear masks. We all have sides of ourselves we don’t want anyone to see. We also all have the right to wear as many masks as we want (as long as you don’t do anything too illegal while wearing a literal mask.) The goal is to look in depth enough to see which you is really the genuine you. Wanting to please people doesn’t mean you’re not still being you.

Masks aren’t just a way to hide from the world, sometimes they are a way to find yourself. You might be surprised, if you take off the mask you could find the same old you looking back. Don’t be afraid to explore a little and find the mask that feels right for you. In the end you might find it was always the perfect fit.