Sink or swim

I feel as if the first day of anything new or scary is a very defining moment of how the next chapter of your life is going to work out. You are either going to sink, or you’re going to swim. Sometimes the answer isn’t obvious, but deep down it’s definitely there.

Today was my first day, and like all firsts, it was intense. There was a lot of information thrown at me all at once, but I believe that how you handle that information is what tells a lot. In any normal situation, I am not the type of person who is ok with not knowing what is going on. But being the new experience this is, I had no clue what to expect. So I believe that, considering my personality, I did pretty dang good!

Another important factor is whether you can multitask. Are you able to take in all of this information and still have the energy to put yourself out there and make friends? This is huge. You have to go out and get to know people! I guess you could say you’re sinking because you didn’t make any friends and now no one is there to save you. Woops! Besides swimming is so much more fun when you’re not a loner!

But the true determinate of whether you are going to make it in the next chapter of your life is how you feel about the situation, no strings attached. Without thinking about the people you did or didn’t meet or the information you could or couldn’t handle, do you see yourself here? Do you feel that this has the slightest chance of hope? If you do, then no matter how close you think you feel to drowning, you have proven to yourself that you just might learn how to swim. Maybe you’re not quite Michael Phelps material, but come on, this is college!


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