Down Turn

Wow, I am kind of a boring person! I have never really been the type of person who will just go out and drink and party and do all of that “fun” stuff. I probably never will be that person! And really, I’m ok with that. I have nothing against going out and partying, it’s just not for me. I am definitely more of a social/sophisticated drinker. I would much rather have a glass of wine at a dinner or something cheesy like that. I have had too much stupid drunkenness in my past to find it remotely enjoyable.

But I am usually not the type of person to spend my Friday night studying either. I love being good in school and getting good grades and excelling, but I am not very willing to sacrifice my social life for such a thing! That however is exactly what I am doing tonight. I am sitting with three other girls in a room studying. Well, actually  I am writing this post, but I am supposed to be studying. Like going out and partying, there is nothing wrong with this, in fact it is probably a lot better, but not quite my thing.

If I were to have the perfect Friday night, it would  involve me and a group of friends getting together and watching a movie, or playing guitar hero, or maybe even going outside and playing a round of star tipping or tag or something! I am a social person, I want to do stuff!!

My biggest fear is that it might be me: am I intimidating? do I look unapproachable?



Let’s just go on the assumption that I just haven’t found my nitch yet… My hope is that when I get into more of the clubs and activities (that I know I will be in) I will start to find the people who will really be interested in the same things I am, and maybe even hope for the same perfect friday night.

*Sigh* so yes, this night poses as a little down turn in my college career, but I’m thinking I should just take this with stride because I am pretty sure there are worse turns to come… but let’s just focus on the better, yeah, I like better!!

Wish me luck!!


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