There’s no place like home

Home is sacred place. It’s where your family is, it’s where your friends are, it’s where your pets are, but most of all, it’s where your heart is! This is probably one of the most cliched lines in the book; this is probably because it is insanely true.

This weekend, I came home. But, as I have been slowly discovering, it is becoming only one of many. There are certain places where my heart secretly desires to be. The town I grew up in is definitely one of them. This is the place where my memories were created. There have been hundreds of tears lost in this town and millions of laughs that still echo through the streets at night. This is where I learned how to grow intellectually, spiritually, and socially. This is where I first learned of loss and suffering, and I have felt some of my most painful experiences here. This is the beginning of me.

But I am ready for the next chapter of me. No matter how joyous and loving those memories are, and no matter how much we want to hold on to what ever is left, we have to learn to turn the page. My pages are turning, at a much more accelerated rate than I expected, and it is up to me to keep up with it. I am on the journey of finding a new home in Luther College, whether I am ready to or not.

When I first moved in, I was certain that this was the right choice for me. I was confident and proud and wouldn’t let anything stand in my way. Then… there was a rocky spot, one of those things that every college student has to experience. My thoughts began to run together in a massive pile of confusion, frustration, and sadness. I never had the feeling that I was in the wrong place, but I felt like there was something missing. And I was right, there was an entire part of me missing, the part that was stuck at home. This was a hard mountain to climb, and I am not nearly done, but I’m beginning to see the other side.

I have come to the realization that, yes, there is a part of me that wants to be home, and that is perfectly fine. There is no reason that I should have to give up my love for home. I will always love and care about where I come from, even the parts of me that I can’t forget no matter how much I want to (dang amygdala, haha psych major). These memories will always be a part of me, and they can still long for home, but a new part of me is being created with ever second that passes in my new home. College also has its fair share of laughter and stress, and all I can do is embrace it. This new part of me is forming and that is a great thing. My new chapter is beginning, but I have to be willing to turn the pages.

Home is where the heart is, cliche and all, it is what describes my feelings at the moment. The twist, is that my heart is in multiple places and holds the love of many people. It’s not easy to start a new home, but necessary none the less. Here’s to my new home at Luther College and all of the people that are going to make my heart warm with love, laughter, and support!