Beautiful Craziness

Doing what seems like a million things a minute can sometimes make a person crazy. Ok, it more than likely makes a person crazy. But does that make it a bad thing? Absolutely not…. depending on what you’re doing. Like, if you and doing drugs or robbing stores and that crazy stuff, yeah it might be considered a ‘bad thing,’ but if you are like me, and just happen to have four, part time jobs on top of classes on top of extra curricular activities, it is more than likely an ok lifestyle. How is it that the most beautiful and precious things in our life drive us the craziest?

My motto has always been, “why stop now?” If I love what I’m doing, why would I stop? But I have often been told by one or… ten or so people, that sometimes you have to take a step back. Let’s just say that doesn’t quite fit into my motto. But alas, there is also a possibility that on an occasion or two they may have been right. I have learned the hard way that doing everything I want, even if I have the best intentions, is not always the most realistic goal. But I cannot say that this realization has done the best job of keeping me from doing any and everything I want.

In high school I was able to get away with doing a zillion and one activities and still be able to give 110% in each one. Don’t ask me how, all  I know is that it took some… well, a lot of late nights and several cups of coffee over the last four years. I told myself, before I came to college, that I couldn’t keep doing this whole ‘running my self dry’ thing. And really, I am not in as many activities as I was in High school. Like maybe one or two less.. I started off the year really good, I was only working one job and had a normal amount of classes and all that jazz, but as the year has gone on I seem to have accumulated quite the schedule. It is not so much of what I am doing, as it is the fact that each activity I do requires a greater percentage of my attention than I am used to. This is not a bad thing. It is reality. Luckily, college is teaching me a lot about reality!

One of the most important things you will learn, as I am still learning, is how to manage your time. Yeah, your academic courses are pretty important. Yeah, it’s good to have a few social skills. Yeah, these things will help you in the future in different areas of your life; But the idea of how to manage your time is pretty darn important. It will help you with your job, with your future husband and children, with your daily/nightly routine, and with all of those things thrown together. Right now, it’s doing a pretty good job of just getting me through the day. Some times I am almost annoyed by how insanely planned out my days are, but then I realize, “oh yeah, if I didn’t do this, I would be a total hot mess!” This little thought seems to make the craziness ok by me.

Not only is this a helpful skill, but it is a hopeful skill! It gives me reassurance that I can do all of the crazy things I love and still be able to keep my sanity. Yes, my life can sometimes be absolute chaos, and guess what? I love it! It is crazy, and beautiful, and mine!



Image: our image of ourselves, the image we have of other people, and the image other people have of us. No matter what scenario you use to describe it, image is a big part of our lives, but why??  Is the image the world sees of us really an accurate depiction of who we are? Can we change that image?

College is a new start. A place to find yourself. A journey where you meet the people that you might spend the rest of your life with. This is a big deal on so many levels. You are starting a blank slate. After working for the last 18 years to find your ‘best friend’ in high school, you now have to start all over again. This can be an scary thing, at least that’s how I felt! It is also not a quick process. The biggest struggle is that you are not only finding those ‘best friends’ but you are also finding yourself, as is everyone else here. How are you expected to figure all this out when you aren’t quite sure what this is?? Here’s the thing, you don’t.. not yet. You have to meet all kinds of people from all kinds of groups and then give it time. Let things settle and eventually things will figure themselves out.

So what does this have to do with image? Everything. Some people are so afraid to show the true image of themselves around new people because they fear they will not be accepted. What they might now realize is that, now all of the people they think they are best friends with are not really friends with them but this false image. Who really wants to go through their college years and so on being someone they’re not? It might be ok at first but we were made to be who we are for a reason! No one, especially not you should put that part of you in a box on a shelf. Let yourself be free! That image is such an important and beautiful thing, don’t let it be hidden by your fears of acceptance.

But what if you are the person looking at another person’s image? What if you think you see something, but then that image changes? What if it changes for the worst? This throws you into a world of confusion. You might not know how you feel about anything now because what you thought you knew was no more. It is so hard to see a person in a different light after you’ve seen them a certain way. Let’s say they made a mistake, a bad mistake, a stupid mistake; now don’t really see the person, you see the mistake. Is that really what we want though? Should our lives be defined by all of our mistakes? I think not! Maybe that mistake was big enough that you realize being with them 24-7 might not be the best decision, and that’s ok. You don’t have to be with someone all of the time, space is good. But that also does not mean you can never be with them again.

College man! It’s crazy. It’s hard. It is definitely not just academics any more. Trust me, you still have that, but now you have to be aware of everything around you. You are creating relationships, working at a job…. or three, living with other people, being part of groups, and going to classes on top of it all. It is an important time, and although it is filled with a zillion and one things happening at once there are so many good things that come out of it too. Image can go both ways. The most important thing is to not even worry about it, which you would hope wouldn’t be too hard considering all of the other things to worry about. Be yourself, because no one can be you better than you!



Miss B