Proving a Point

There are many things that influence the actions we take. To make us happy, to make money, to win, to control, the list goes on and on. We can all say that we have done something or another for all of these reasons. I can definitely say that I am guilty on multiple accounts. But there is another important motivation, the goal of proving a point. There might not be a single chance that you are going to succeed in what you are trying to do, but you want to at least say you did it! I think that this is a great reason, which may be a little biased because that is part of the reasoning for my next endeavor; my next challenge.

I have officially decided to join the Rugby team here on campus!! This is definitely not something that I have ever done before and I know that it will be a challenge for me. I know that I will not be the best when I start or even after I have been in it for a while, but that is not going to stop me. Joining rugby was definitely a spur of the moment thing that I did not really see coming. I was just hanging out with a group of girls who happen to be on the team and recommended that I try it. My thought: why not! As I said, I have never done this before and I have no idea what it even is… like, at all… The only thing I do know is that my cousin played it when she was in college. Yep, that is the extent of my knowledge. But why should that stop me? It’s a learning experience right? I was definitely nervous about the idea because, let’s face it, I am kind of a wimp… The idea of going forĀ  such a rough sport was terrifying and exciting in the same moment. I am a dancer, and let’s just say dancing and rugby are a little different…. just a little!

I wish I could say that this entire decision was based on me wanting to improve my life. It is, but that was not the driving force behind the final decision. The whole goal was to prove a point! When I told some of my family and friends about it, they seemed a little skeptical. I don’t blame them, I was a lot skeptical, but hearing the doubt come from someone else really made me put things into perspective. Yes, this is going to be a challenge, but that does not mean I can’t conquer it. That shred of doubt is the factor that is pushing me to prove a point. There is also the idea in society that girls have to be petite and delicate and do girl things. Although this is a slowly dying thought, it is still there. I want to prove that this is not the case! I am proving a point to my doubters, a point to society, and a point to myself that I can do this.

Will I be perfect at this? Ha, let’s be honest, probably not! Will I give it my all? Heck yeah! Now that I have a point to prove, I better get to proving it!!