Nanny Knowledge

For many, many years now, summer has been a time that I can stay up until 2am, sleep until 2pm, and basically do whatever I want. As I’ve gotten older, and responsibilities have accumulated, my habits have gotten a little better, but for the most part, I have still pretty much done whatever my heart desires¬† between the months of June and August for as long as I can remember. The summer of 2014 however, has lead me on quite a different path… to Chicago!

I have always loved Chicago. I may be a small town girl in a slightly bigger town college, but I will always have a city girl soul inside! For the last six or so years that my cousin has lived here, I have been coming to spend time ranging from a couple days with family, a long weekend with friends, to an entire week. Now, I can officially say I am living in Chicago (for the summer)! The whole reason for me staying here is to nanny for my cousin and his wife’s amazing son, Kaden. Don’t worry we’ll get to him in a second. I can definitely say that living here is a lot different than just visiting. Not really bad, just a complete adjustment, on many levels.

I get to spend three days a week nannying with Kaden, while he attends daycare two days (in order to keep his placement). I feel as if this is a great set up because, as I will discuss in later blogs, taking care of an infant, or any child for that matter, takes a lot of work… a lot! And sometimes I need a little break too. I have been here for a month, and although it has been an amazing month, it has also been challenging at times. For some reason, before coming here, I expected this to be a walk in the park because all I would have to do is give him a toy to play with and he would be fine, and when he wasn’t doing that he would be sleeping. Let me tell you, this is NOT the case. Don’t fool yourselves, this is a lie!! He is at the age that he is learning and growing and teething, something I should have been realistically prepared for. Some days are definitely better than others. Although some have actually been quite rough, I still don’t think I would trade one for the life of me. Because I am quickly finding that nannying is not near as easy as I thought, my ‘blog theme’ for the summer, as I am calling it, will be the things I am learning from nannying. Then, at the end of the summer, I will have a recap of my newly gained Nanny Knowledge.

There are many other things that I am doing this summer, aside from nannying, like learning more about the field of psychology and Chicago history/food, but, although these are very informational topics, I believe I will learn the most from the three days a week  that I get to spend with Kaden. As you will see in my coming posts, I am not just learning about how to take care of a child, but how to understand myself as well. Seeing someone so small and helpless really makes you step back and rethink your actions and knowledge of life. Although my cousin and his wife (and everyone else) tell me all of the time how much of a help I am with Kaden, I feel as if he is helping me just as much if not more.

Throughout the next two months, I hope to help all of you see the great and sometimes frustrating things that Kaden is teaching me.