Nanny Knowledge: Things don’t always go according to plan…

Something that you should know about me is that I have to have a plan. My days are practically planned out to the minute (this is not a joke). I just seem to find security in knowing that everything I am doing is done with a goal and purpose. Let me tell you, plans really mean nothing to a baby! It does not matter how smooth and productive your plan may seem, the baby does not give a care about your perfect itinerary.

It is one thing to think to yourself, “Ok, we’re just going to play for about an hour or so. Then by that point you will be hungry, therefore you will eat and promptly go to sleep for at least 90 minutes. Sounds good? Let’s go!” This may be what is going on in your head but the baby is probably thinking, “who is this crazy lady talking to herself? Hmm that bottle over there looks pretty tasty…. This rubber elephant does not taste like milk!” Although I have no hard proof that this is what Kaden really thinks, I feel pretty confident in my conclusions!

The point is less about how unfollowed my great plans are, and more about how, you simply can’t plan everything. Life is full of crazy, unexpected things that mess up what we think should happen, but just because they aren’t what you expected doesn’t mean they aren’t important and worth while. I didn’t expect that Kaden would be hungry at that time, but after he ate we had a great cuddle moment. That wasn’t in my agenda, but it was a moment I wouldn’t give back.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love to have a plan, and I’ll probably still try to plan out my days and overall life to the minute, but I am becoming more open to the unexpected things in life. This is not really something you can teach a person. One must experience something first hand to truly understand how important the little things in life are. I have definitely not perfected this new acceptance, but it is the first of many life lessons little Kaden is teaching me.

Things don’t always go according to plan… not even your seemingly perfect ones!


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