Nanny Knowledge: Don’t be ashamed of an early bedtime!

Before I begin this post, I should definitely remind you that I am a college student, one who generally goes to bed at midnight/one o’clock on average and one/two o’clock in the summer at least. Going to bed early for me is like…. 11:50! However, after nannying I have come to the conclusion that I might not even see 11:50pm until school starts again. This girl needs here beauty sleep, as well as the energy to keep up with a baby!

Just a couple months ago, I was making fun of my cousins for going to bed so early and how they were so old for doing such a thing! It took me a whole month to realize… wow now I’m turning old!

I thought maybe my youth would keep me going, but let me tell you something you might already know, babies are a lot of work! After a day with Kaden, all I want to do is have a glass of wine maybe some ice cream, and go to bed! And even on the days I don’t watch him, I still need to go to sleep early, otherwise I wont have the energy to keep up with him. Wow, what a sad boring life.

Just kidding!! My life is pretty awesome! I love making all of these memories with Kaden and I wouldn’t trade anything for the hilarious bouts of nonsensical laughter that sometimes happens between Mitch, Megan, and I. So I may be going to bed a tad earlier than normal, but it is definitely worth it. And, when I go back to college I will be all rested up and ready to go back to late nights of… studying.


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