What makes ‘love’ so important?

What makes ‘love’ so important?

We all need to feel a sense of love.

Some crave attention from spouses
Others crave affection from parents
Some prefer the company of their cat or dog

Some need verbal reassurance of their beauty
Others need to be held through the night
Some only a gentle smile or twinkle of the eye

No matter what the form is, love is something everyone needs.

But why, why do we need it?
What makes ‘love’ so damn important?

Does it make us feel whole, feel wanted, feel something… anything?
Does it make us forget the hate of the world, the tears we have shed, the ones we have lost?

Love has the potential for greatness but it is not this all-healing power that brings people back to life after tragedy has struck. In fact, it is often what put us there in the first place.

Love is painful
Love is scary
Love is loss

So why is this painful, scary, not so perfect thing called ‘love’ so damn important?
Why do we keep coming back to this feeling after it has hurt us so many times?

The rewards are worth the risks
The ups are worth the downs
The pain is worth the pleasure

Love is beautiful because it is complicated.

There are so many dimensions of love: parent-child, siblings, distant relation you love even though you never see them, spouse for 50 years, fiancé of five minutes, the first sight of a guy across the bar, the laughter, the kisses, the tears.

Love is forgiveness
Love is rebirth
Love is beauty

Nothing in the world is purely good or bad, and love is no exception.

Love can feel crushing and it can also lift one up
It can cause your world to be empty or fill it with endless joy

We all need to feel a sense of love. Not always in the same way in every instant, but we do.

It’s what makes us human.
What lifts us up when we are down
But keeps us in our place when we get too proud

Some people have lots of love to give
Some people need a little more love than others
Some people just don’t know what to do with this… thing

Love is who we are, you can push it away, you can deny that you need it, you can choose to use it or fight it, but in the end, love is all we have.

We may be back and forth on the good and bad of love but we cannot deny its importance.

If it wasn’t even the slightest bit important to you, you wouldn’t have read this blog.


Sometimes you have to be selfish

Big decisions like going to college or moving to another country for a year can be amazing and beneficial for you, that’s why we make those decisions. Those decisions are not always best for everyone but sometimes you have to be selfish.

When I chose to go overseas, I did it for me. I wanted to see those places and meet those people and learn those lessons… for me. Not for my friends and family back home. Not even to make people proud of me. It was solely for my own happiness. And it was wonderful.

I knew that there would be people unhappy with my decision, (no matter how big or small the choice someone is going to be a grump!) but I did it anyway. This did not mean I was without occasional pains of guilt, but those pains were soothed by the joy and beauty of what I was experiencing.

As much as I wish I was, I am not psychic… I didn’t know how things would turn out when I came back.

Would you still be angry with me?
Would too much space push us too far away?
Would you understand my decision?
Would time apart mean time to reevaluate life?

Fortunately, time and space was a good thing for us both. We have been able to view our lives though our own eyes rather than all the visions others want or expect us to see.

Even though I didn’t know this choice would have a good ending, I wouldn’t have chosen any different. It’s selfish and I know it. But sometimes, after continually giving all that you possibly have to offer and then some more, you need to make some of those big, hard, selfish decisions. If nothing else, for your own sanity.

In the end, we are sisters and no matter what happens, that will never change. We may get angry with what the other may choose but we will always love each other. We have had to give up a lot to keep that love, so every once and a while I think we are entitled to a selfish decision or two.



Even the Bubbliest Bubble Can Pop..

Being a happy-go-lucky, bubbly person is great but… bubbles pop. You can’t ask a bubble to remain in bubble form forever, sometimes they pop and have to wait for another gust of air to come by and revive them. Similarly, people cannot be expected to remain one bubbly emotion forever, sometimes something happens and that happy bubble ends and it takes something very happy to make that bubbly pep reappear.

(Hope you’re still following my pretty out-there logic)

Let’s make the metaphor less complicated and just throw it out I’m talking about me, the bubble is Branna.

I am one of those happy-go-lucky, bubbly people. I enjoy the lovely pastimes of laughing and smiling and telling jokes and laughing some more. I like asking people how their days are. And talking, I am really good at talking!

At the same time, it does not take much to pop my bubbles, my happy bubble, my confident bubble… my bubble. I have worked hard to be who I am today and I love this beautiful creation; this versatile, emotional, being.


Fragility is what makes bubbles beautiful and fragile is what we are… It’s what I am.

I wish bubbly meant I had a cushioning wall of bubbles to catch my fall. Instead it is this beautiful… fragile… thing that happens to make me, me.

Go easy  with me is all I ask, and know that sometimes, I might pop. But all I need is a nice, big (but gentle) gust of air, filled with love and support, to bring me back to life.