Even the Bubbliest Bubble Can Pop..

Being a happy-go-lucky, bubbly person is great but… bubbles pop. You can’t ask a bubble to remain in bubble form forever, sometimes they pop and have to wait for another gust of air to come by and revive them. Similarly, people cannot be expected to remain one bubbly emotion forever, sometimes something happens and that happy bubble ends and it takes something very happy to make that bubbly pep reappear.

(Hope you’re still following my pretty out-there logic)

Let’s make the metaphor less complicated and just throw it out I’m talking about me, the bubble is Branna.

I am one of those happy-go-lucky, bubbly people. I enjoy the lovely pastimes of laughing and smiling and telling jokes and laughing some more. I like asking people how their days are. And talking, I am really good at talking!

At the same time, it does not take much to pop my bubbles, my happy bubble, my confident bubble… my bubble. I have worked hard to be who I am today and I love this beautiful creation; this versatile, emotional, being.


Fragility is what makes bubbles beautiful and fragile is what we are… It’s what I am.

I wish bubbly meant I had a cushioning wall of bubbles to catch my fall. Instead it is this beautiful… fragile… thing that happens to make me, me.

Go easy  with me is all I ask, and know that sometimes, I might pop. But all I need is a nice, big (but gentle) gust of air, filled with love and support, to bring me back to life.


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