The Power of A Ring

IMG_20161122_134922I had halfway convinced myself that I didn’t need another class ring. Obviously that thought didn’t last long as I now have a very pretty gold ring on my finger. But what was it that really made me change my mind? It wasn’t the desire for a new piece of jewelry this time.

The power of the ring was something that I had been told about from all of the ring wearing, past graduates of Luther College I have met so far. They all told me, “this ring will get you places, just wait and see.” I didn’t really believe them at first. I mean, it’s just a piece of metal and rock on my finger, how special is that? The stories continued and I equally continued to brush them off.

And then there was this moment. I was in Florence, Italy and I happened to run into someone who was wearing that beautiful gold band and ruby gem! I struck up conversation by mentioning Luther and the next thing I knew this lovely lady was buying my Lunch. I thought all the stories were dramatic and overplayed, but here I was, halfway around the world having lunch with a Luther grad.

It was then, that I decided I would take the hit, buy the ring, and wait for the networking and lunch dates to come! I have officially had my ring for five months, and already many great conversations (and a couple free coffees) have resulted from it.

I didn’t believe in the power of the ring until it happened to me. But here I am, a soon to be Luther graduate, ready to tell story after story of all the great things my ring has given me. And to think, it should only take about 80 more lunches to cover the original price!


The one thing you should NOT say to a soon to be graduate

The one thing you should NOT say to a soon to be graduate

The dreaded question: “What are you doing after graduation?” We’d hoped we had heard the last of it after starting college, but four years later it is back! And guess what…. Some of us still don’t know!!

I personally feel like I am at a comfortable place in my life where I know what I want to do. I know what makes me happy and where my passion is, but anything more than that and I am a complete wreck.

I don’t know the details.
I don’t have a specific job that pays me millions of dollars a month lined up.
I am not married or even remotely seeing someone.
I am not going to grad school (although you may think I should).

I just don’t quite know yet. And you know what… that’s ok! I’ll figure it out, I’ll do something good for me and I will come to you if I really need help. Until then, let me be an adult, let me make my decisions. If I want your opinion, I will ask, I promise.

I know I cannot speak for EVERY senior as I voice these concerns and frustrations, but I feel confident in saying that the general consensus is the same.

Even for people who do know what they’re doing, it is the best procedure to wait for their prompt. If they want to tell you about their life plans, they will. And if you just can’t handle the suspense it is  STILL not acceptable to demand an explanation from them. You preface your question with something along the lines of, “it’s ok if you don’t but….” or “if you know your plans and would like to tell me I’d love to hear it.”

The last thing a soon to be college graduate wants to feel is a sense of disappointment in not having the answers they think you want to hear. Giving them the reassurance that whatever they choose is ok, is more important than you can ever realize.

So as we near Easter break, a time of family and dinners and inevitable conversation, please take the sanity of your soon to be graduate in mind as you make small talk in the kitchen or at church. There are so many other challenges a senior in college has to face, the last thing they need is an awkward, potentially deprecating holiday… Trust me!!

Spontaneous night out

The intentions were great: do some reading at a local coffee shop…. Well, very little reading got done but the night continued to be filled with a couple of cocktails and a three course meal at my favorite restaurant (and job) in town, Rubaiyat, with my favorite and only roommate!

There are so many awesome things our small college town has to offer: great coffee shops to study in, wonderful cocktail bars to chat and drink, and great establishments to dine AND drink.

Most of my time the last year has been spent working at the wonderful establishment of rubaiyat but tonight I was the one dining out!

Emily and I started the afternoon at Impact with the plans to drink some coffee and do some homework. Well… not much reading got done by either of us, but we had a very nice life chat, as seniors in college need every once in awhile.


All of a sudden it was 5:00, just in time for Rubaiyat to open! How convienient!

We told ourselves we were just going to get a cocktail…. And maybe an appetizer! Very quickly, that turned into us sitting at a booth full to the brim with 2 cocktails, salad, bread, an entree and all we could eat of a delicious creme brulee.

Do I regret anything? Absolutely not!

Sometimes this is exactly what a girl needs. A spontaneous night out where we laugh and gossip and probably eat a little too much eat and drink just enough drink. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening with my favorite roommate ever!


*Warning Sappy college senior moment coming up*

As ready as I am to start life in the world outside Luther, I have moments like these. I have always been told I will look back on my college days and remember the first and last days of class or turning in my senior paper or maybe the whole receiving a diploma thing, but when I look back at Luther I will remember these moments. Moments with some of the most amazing people that I have ever met. The spontaneous dinners, the coffee homework sessions that turn into the best therapy, and the loving friendship two complete strangers were able to bring to life over the last four years.

My goal is that the last six weeks I have at Luther will be filled with all of these beautiful memories.