The Power of A Ring

IMG_20161122_134922I had halfway convinced myself that I didn’t need another class ring. Obviously that thought didn’t last long as I now have a very pretty gold ring on my finger. But what was it that really made me change my mind? It wasn’t the desire for a new piece of jewelry this time.

The power of the ring was something that I had been told about from all of the ring wearing, past graduates of Luther College I have met so far. They all told me, “this ring will get you places, just wait and see.” I didn’t really believe them at first. I mean, it’s just a piece of metal and rock on my finger, how special is that? The stories continued and I equally continued to brush them off.

And then there was this moment. I was in Florence, Italy and I happened to run into someone who was wearing that beautiful gold band and ruby gem! I struck up conversation by mentioning Luther and the next thing I knew this lovely lady was buying my Lunch. I thought all the stories were dramatic and overplayed, but here I was, halfway around the world having lunch with a Luther grad.

It was then, that I decided I would take the hit, buy the ring, and wait for the networking and lunch dates to come! I have officially had my ring for five months, and already many great conversations (and a couple free coffees) have resulted from it.

I didn’t believe in the power of the ring until it happened to me. But here I am, a soon to be Luther graduate, ready to tell story after story of all the great things my ring has given me. And to think, it should only take about 80 more lunches to cover the original price!


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