Whew! Week one…ish

Ok, yes, you caught me. It is really more like week two and a half at this point but I really did intend to write this post after week one!!

So far it has been a little bit of what I expected and a lot of what I didn’t. I knew there would be a stressful amount of bills to pay and a big girl job to go to from 9-5 (or 845-515 at least which has been my life so far). I knew I was going to a city versus my beautiful bluffs and rivers of Decorah. I knew these things, but they still hit harder than expected*.

*Not like… knock me out cold hit. Not… upper cut or kidney kick. Just a semi rough push or strong arm.

I knew I was taking this new leap into a world that I am unfamiliar with. I thought maybe I would be scared. Maybe a little overwhelmed. I feel neither of these things. I am handling the work I’ve been thrown into at my knew job with great poise, and the bills are getting paid/sorted out and I’ve only been honked at on the interstate once*.

*Ok… maybe twice but the second time I just laughed because it was totally her fault!

What I feel to is a little lonely. I am an extremely social person and therefore being in a city where I don’t really know anyone has been a challenge. In my other big moves I had the arena to meet others, it was an entire coordinated set of buildings made for giving people a chance to make connections. That’s really what college was for me, both in-country and abroad. Ok, I guess I learned a thing or two about the brain functions and institutional racism, but really I just met a whole lot of people!

My goal in the next week (or two and a half ) is to find my New Orleans arena for people meeting. It’s out there, I just have to reach a little farther than I did before. It’s like the universe is teasing me with a cookie*, but each step I take towards adulthood the cookie moves a little farther away.

*Can you picture it, because if you’re not trying to picture it you’re wasting your time reading this post! It’s a kind of sad/funny right?!

But it doesn’t mean the cookie has disappeared. I can still meet those people destined to take in some of my awesome rays of light. I just have to shine a little brighter and extend the circle*.

*You should be picturing this too!

So here we go people! Let’s shine some light, make some friends, and eat some cookies!!


Journey to the Big Easy

Well it may not have been the smartest choice to have my tonsils removed and then move a little over a thousand miles away to an unfurnished house, but here I am, four days after my journey began, sitting on our new (to us) couch after having a semi-soft dinner at our dinner table that we’ve only moved the positioning of twice! I’d say that’s not bad for only a handful of days!

I wish I could say the path down was enjoyable, but that is not the vocabulary I would use… I was in quite a bit of pain still even after a week of recovery and my energy levels were not running at top speed, but thankfully my aunt came with me and drove ‘almost’ the entire way. After about 800 miles and 14 or so hours of driving on the first day, we stopped in Canton, Mississippi and took of for the second leg of the trip bright and early the next morning. We finally got to New Orleans, after stopping in Baton Rouge to do some paperwork, around 1300 and then the real work began.

(see my snapchat documentation of the journey below)

The next couple days were spent filling our nearly empty apartment. It’s hard to imagine, unless you’ve done it, the sheer amount of items that go into a house… From the big things like a couch and dinner table to the smaller thinks like a strainer for kitchen sink and a shower curtain. We are surely not done getting the things we need to make the house a home but we did quite a lot in a very short period of time because we don’t mess around!

After driving my aunt to the airport Friday morning, which was a tear filled departure as you can probably imagine, I  came back to the house… my new house… and crashed. But after staring around my room for a bit I had a deep urge to make this new room mine. If I’m going to call this place home it should at least look like home. And today I am quite content with my homemaking choices.

I don’t know if I’ve processed everything as fully as I should have by this point but I am feeling alright. I’ve been exploring a bit and figuring out the lay of the land while also mentally preparing myself to start a new job on Tuesday and commence a ‘second’ job hunt.

There is still much more to do and explore in this life I’ve begun here is the Big Easy, but that’s the excitement of it all. I don’t feel like it would be considered a journey if I knew where I was going… it would just be a trip or a holiday, a journey is much more that that and I’m ready to take it head on!